Summer’s Calling

Chameleon-like: The season of bliss brings with it lightness, fun and carefreeness, but also the opportunity to try out different outfits that rescue you from the tedious winter routine.


From work uniform to symbol of youth culture to a must-have fabric in all the wardrobes of the world. It is everlasting denim: a classic, a cult, who can do it without it?

Let Your Hair Down

What is freedom, other than a state of mind? When life gets heavy, duty outweighs pleasure, and your head seems to explode, the remedy is to let your hair down and escape to where you can just dance.

Colorful Soul

I let melancholy leave and open the door for new guests. They come in and occupy my rooms of lively disorder that inhabit me, restoring order among thoughts and dissonant notes. Maybe it's [...]

Back to Mesh

Fashion trends can be like great loves, they take a long stroll and then return: this spring the notorious mesh is back.


Dress to tell a story, tell a story to remember. Tap into the past to affirm the present, travel in order to return home.