New Year’s vibes

The holidays are over and the New Year has just begun! Consequently, it is essential to take off full speed ahead with the first important resolutions of this vibrant 2017.

Charles Frédérick Worth

What would it be like to talk to Charles Frédérick Worth (1825-1895), the French haute couture inventor and the first to conceive of high fashion designing as a profession and an autonomous [...]

Neoromance breath

Spring is approaching, bringing with it a gust of new trends that are waiting to be discovered. So let’s immerse ourselves in the most suave, feminine and romantic ones of the bunch.

A new romance

I no longer want to be a fairy tale princess. All by myself, I’ve learned how to defend myself from monsters hidden outside the castle walls.


Here we are, the New Year has arrived! And for 2017, the dictates get more categorical: do you feel ethereal and romantic, or powerful, urban and sporty?

Shine on your own

The holidays are upon us and the city is being clothed in magic. The Yuletide fairytale atmosphere infects everyone, triggering an uncontrollable desire to adopt a cheerful spirit.


Whether you are sporty, kitschy, geisha or femme fatale, this season you cannot do without glitter and the metal effect. It is sparkling and regal, but above all, versatile and suitable for every look.