Back to Mesh

Fashion trends can be like great loves, they take a long stroll and then return: this spring the notorious mesh is back.


Dress to tell a story, tell a story to remember. Tap into the past to affirm the present, travel in order to return home.

New Year’s vibes

The holidays are over and the New Year has just begun! Consequently, it is essential to take off full speed ahead with the first important resolutions of this vibrant 2017.

Charles Frédérick Worth

What would it be like to talk to Charles Frédérick Worth (1825-1895), the French haute couture inventor and the first to conceive of high fashion designing as a profession and an autonomous [...]

Neoromance breath

Spring is approaching, bringing with it a gust of new trends that are waiting to be discovered. So let’s immerse ourselves in the most suave, feminine and romantic ones of the bunch.