Like creative electricity

If I were electricity, I’d shine like a white light, balanced between coolness and heat. The mind runs fast, almost touching the sublime sky, and yet my feet are firmly planted on the ground.

Fall? Let’s mix!

Autumn and… what’s new? Not only might the thought of a summer that seems to have already whizzed by make you sad, but being in the middle of the season gives you the impression you’ve already [...]


Revolutionary. Just a simple word to describe the Spanish phenomenon, Paco Rabanne: a fashion visionary whose fame exploded in the ’60s.

Face to face with Mia Vilardo

The perfect combination of effervescence and inventiveness, backed by strong determination and extraordinary professionalism. She is Mia Vilardo, the volcanic co-founder of the brand, Miryaki – [...]

Romantic Innocence

Hiding in the heart of this season’s trends are romantic stories that tell of women who bring to mind the creatures in Watherhouse’s late nineteenth-century paintings.