Back to a no ordinary life

The summer is leaving us and taking with it the cool sea breeze. As the doors are thrust open for the assertive return of autumn, we are reminded of pending commitments, the traffic of the [...]

The sweetest haven

Home, full of memories, of being lived in, smell of protection and welcome, place of hospitality. My house, which only yesterday seemed to burst from the multitude of people toasting with me to [...]

Fashion rooms: DOTEM Studio

There is a small and charming sartorial atelier with a minimalist touch in the heart of Padua, with two young designers ready to bet on finding a ‘dote’: a thousand-year-old term of Latin origin [...]


Having a long 165-year history is a bit like being a monument, an institution that resists time and change. The Swiss-born brand, Bally, has consolidated its style, offering craftsmanship, [...]