A feather is forever!

HAVING ALWAYS BEEN A SYMBOL OF SEDUCTION AND ELEGANT SOPHISTICATION, FEATHERS RETURN TO STRUT THE F / W 2016 CATWALKS. Like a spell, bringing with them a light aura of mystery and charm, they [...]


"I am what I am. You don’t approve? I’ll just have to live with that.” This is the mantra every woman should repeat to herself several times a day.


WHEN THE COLD AND FROST INVADE THE CITY AND FINALLY EVEN OUR HEARTS, IT IS TIME TO REACT. Winter is coming, but it doesn’t have to bring with it dreariness and apprehension!

Follow the lights

The lights, the music. The night caresses me, it makes me dance. Sounds of laughter and secrets softly spoken. In the other room, is a party.