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Having a long 165-year history is a bit like being a monument,
an institution that resists time and change.

The Swiss-born brand, Bally, has consolidated its style, offering craftsmanship, elegance and comfort.

Founded in 1851 by Carl Franz Bally in Schonenwerd, it originated as a footwear brand.

Thanks to functionality, modernity and the use of precious materials, by the seventies it had expanded throughout Europe and by the end of the century became recognized as one of the premier global corporations. 7,000 people around the world were producing a staggering 4 million pairs of high-quality shoes.

Bally shoes have become known and appreciated all over the world.

They’ve become so famous, that even the great Charlie Chaplin has worn them – in a spot by Julius Pinschewer – as well as by the winning athletes at the Saint Moritz Olympic Games in 1948.

Three years later, on the occasion of the fashion house’s hundredth anniversary, the iconic “Scribe” shoe was born: spokesman for a new line, made by hand in two hundred steps.

Thanks to its vast experience, in 1976 the historical brand extended its production to clothing and leather goods, which is still active today under the supervision of Pablo Coppola, creative director since 2014.

This is also the year of the traveling exhibition, ‘Functions and Modernity’, organized by Bally to celebrate Swiss and French architects and designers.

The goal has been the same since the beginning: to innovate and to support craftsmanship, which is the reason behind its union with the Atelier Zagliani, famous for its handmade production of luxury handbags.

The Bagheera team invites you to come and discover an array of Bally products selected from the A / W 2016-17 collection.

Inspired by the mood of the Seventies, the dynamic and eccentric articles are perfect for the most eclectic and refined minds.

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