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Music for your eyes: that is how Massimo Giorgetti, creative director for MSGM, describes his brand’s style.

Contemporary, audacious and unconventional, Giorgetti began his career in the commercial field, experience that developed his flair for business and led him to become the creative director of his own label, MSGM, which he created in 2009 in a partnership with the Paoloni group.

With dynamism and innovativeness, Giorgetti has excelled in spite of the crisis in the fashion industry. His fashion house has taken off, primarily emerging as a trend vanguard sustained by an excellent price-quality ratio.

A young and innovative brand, it is a medley of varied inspirations, the most important being a passion for music, particularly indie tunes: the name of the brand itself is inspired by MGMT, a famous American rock/psychedelic band.

Giorgetti starts out by mixing contemporaneity with wit, music and culture, creating distinctive collections while paying the utmost attention to the marketability of the pieces he proposes. Impressing the buyers is a primary objective that is not so easy to achieve; and this designer is fully aware that “the balance between being business minded yet creative and poetic is extremely delicate.”


Over time his style has evolved and he refers to himself as “more mature”: today, six years after its inception, MSGM is exploring different avenues compared to its preliminary prints. And though they remain an important aspect of the brand, more room has been made to mix and match materials with proportions and combinations that are often in solid colors.

True to his greatest passion, the 2016 collection’s concept is based on the Beastie Boy’s song, Intergalactical. It is an interstellar journey with robots and rockets, rigorously coordinated with ’70s rock music. Instead, for the FW 2017, green light for cardigans, dresses and tulle gowns with teasing transparencies, alternated with wool tops and palazzo pants, as well as metallic black and camel colored coats.

So, don’t miss all the changes, as Giorgetti takes the fashion system by the hand and leads it towards an unprecedented prêt-à-porter, where high quality and creativity form a winning team. And if it’s true that you “never change a winning team,” then we just have to allow ourselves to be carried away by the new music MSGM will be composing for our eyes the coming season. STAY TUNED!

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