Hiding in the heart of this season’s trends are romantic stories that tell of women who bring to mind the creatures in Watherhouse’s late nineteenth-century paintings. Delicate nuances and soft and sweet lines suggest angelic appearances, veiled from the eyes by thin and gossamer glazing.

The smock is the perfect item of clothing for daring, between innocence and seduction, as well as elegantly reinterpreting the romantic side of a timeless femininity. Ethnic prints, impalpable fabrics and pale colors are mixed with transparencies, geometric shapes and shades of black, skillfully balancing mischief and purity, past and present. We reawaken our childish quality and rediscover that we’re as free as gypsies or ethereal as Botticelli’s Venuses, revisited with the awareness of the twenty first century. And once again, we become the heroines of fairy tales we read as children.

Graphic Designers: Giulia Antinori, Livia De Franco

Cover Photo | Chloè
Photo 2 | N° 21
Photo 3 | Marni
Photo 4 | Chloè
Photo 5 | Chloè
Photo 6 | N° 21

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