Summer has begun, skin is slightly golden and the smell of the sea is in the air. We start to feel as light as a feather, beaming like the sun, and we want to enjoy these first moments of lightheartedness at all costs. Tonight’s gotta be unforgettable, special. A pair of sandals, to be able to feel the sand between your toes, a maxi transparent chemise or a flowing chemise with a floral pattern. Hues are sweet, like blush pink and orange, or dreamy like midnight blue. Or perhaps passionate like red and black – sexy yet romantic and suitable for any occasion. Accessories are essential: an earring, which one can catch a glimpse of through loose hair, illuminating the freshly tanned face, a maxi shoulder strap and we’re ready to for music, smiles and relaxation!

Photographer: Ludovica Arcero
Stylists: Giorgia Bove e Flavio Marcelli
Grooming: Clara Spadoni
Model: Sarah Jane ( Euphoria Fashion Agency )

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